Adult discipleship classes beginning July 11

Sunday, August 23, 2020

WHEN? Starting July 11 - from 10:00 am to 10:50 am (between worship services)

WHERE? In-Person (Sunday School rooms- look for sign on doors) 

WHO? You! All are invited to any of the following classes:

1. Love Walked Among Us: Learning to Love Like Jesus. 

Teacher/leader: Billy McKillop

Paul Miller’s study of the person of Jesus, how our Lord Jesus shows compassion for those very different from him, how he graciously speaks the truth, how he is completely dependent on the Father, and how his love is empowered by faith would be a wonderful help to Christians in any era, but may be particularly pertinent to American Christians as this moment of divisiveness in our broader culture and in the church. At New City we are dependent on God for his love and power to minister and build relationships cross-culturally, to love mercy and to do justice and to keep our gospel-focus in the midst of pressing cultural needs all around us, in the midst of racial tension, changing sexual ethics and other challenges facing the church.

Course resource: Love Walked Among Us by Paul Miller

2. A study of Deuteronomy. 

Teacher/Leader: David Hoffecker

This Bible Study class will be focused on the book that laid the groundwork for worship and practical daily living for God’s people as they were about to enter the promised land.

Course resource: The book of Deuteronomy 

3. Seeing through Cynicism. 

Teacher/Leader Jason Evans

Join this class for a discussion centered around the book "Seeing Through Cynicism" written by Dic Keyes (of L'abri Fellowship). This book offers a perspective that will help you "interpret the signs of the times". There are many confusing and troubling ideas that need a Christian response, Come learn about how cynical attitudes and beliefs are impacting your faith and be equipped to witness for Christ in and to our culture.

Course resource: Seeing Through Cynicism by Dick Keyes