Scripture tells of a heavenly city where chosen people from every nation and tongue gather together to worship God. When Jesus returns we will finally see this city perfected, the way it was meant to be. 

But even now we see vivid glimpses of it in our local congregations. In cities around the world, believers are joining hands across cultural barriers and lifting their voices together in praise of their Savior. 

Like the New City congregations that support us, we are passionate about the Biblical view of racial reconciliation through Christ. Yet we recognize the difficultly of cross-cultural ministry. Our unique histories and dreams, beliefs and biases, images and idioms, often seem at odds. But through the Lord our different lives interlock. In Christ we find the places where the pieces bind. A pastor's gracious words or a deacon's loving deeds, in their own way, can help to heal racial fallout.  

Likewise, a musician's songs of praise can unite peoples who were once divided. The challenge of the cross-cultural worship leader is to search out the cultural angles that connect, the grooves that go together. 

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