Congregational Directory 
Staying connected!

The New City Directory is not open to the public, rather only to those approved by the church office as New City attenders. A private login/password is required in order to view the directory, and the data is protected by strong encryption.  If you are attending New City, see the instructions below to apply for inclusion in and access to the directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have control over what information is visible?

You have complete control over what information can be seen by those who log in. For example, you can choose whether to show or hide each part of your record – address, phone, email, birthday (don’t worry, no years :), or anniversary. So, we suggest that you not delete info but rather hide what you don’t want to show.

What information is displayed by default

The following information for you (and household) is displayed by default (if we have it in your office database record):
  • First name (name you go by, not necessarily your given name - e.g. Pat, not Patrick)
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Primary Phone number and email address (if you have more than one number or email, you choose which is primary to display)
  • Birthday (shows only in Celebrations menu, year does not display)
  • Anniversary (shows only in Celebrations menu, year does not display)
  • Family portrait
  • Individual portrait

How long does it take for changes to show?

If you edit data in your profile or hide/show elements, changes will ordinarily be processed by an admin anywhere from a few minutes to a day.

Is it a pictorial directory?

The head of household can upload a family/household photo, and each individual can upload a personal profile photo. 

I'm not finding someone when I use the search box.

Usually, there's a spelling issue. If you aren’t sure how to spell the name, try just the first name OR just the last name (not both), and only enter as many letters as you are sure of. [if you are uncertain, adding too many letters increases likelihood of not getting any search results]

What about my kids over age 18?

If your kids over 18 are attending New City, they will be given their own directory entry/account.

Can my info be used for business purposes?

The directory is intended to help you connect with friends and acquaintances at New City and with staff, elders, deacons, ministry leaders and volunteers. Using the directory for business/marketing or mass mail purposes is strictly prohibited. For more info, see New City's Privacy Policy. 

Is the directory the same as Planning Center/Church Center?

The Directory shares data with the church database (Planning Center and the Church Center app) but is a separate account with separate login.

Can I use the directory on mobile devices/tablets?

You can use the Directory from a web browser on any device, but for best experience on phones and tablets, download the ADJACE app from the app store. See buttons at top of page.

Ready to Login for First Time?

  • Go to the church website,, click on the MyNewCity button, then DIRECTORY.
  • You’ll need to create your account, so click on either the “New User” button or the “Create Your Account” button.
  • Enter your email and set your password.
  • You should then receive an email request to confirm your email, and then you’ll be able to log in/enter the directory.
  • If you wish to edit your directory info or limit what is visible in the directory, click on the little profile icon (upper right) to access your profile.
  • You can upload a household photo and individual profile photos as well. Square or landscape orientation pictures work best. See fun video below in the P.S. on choosing a profile picture.
  • At the top of the directory, you’ll see the search box, as well as sub-menus for Directory that include the Session and Diaconate, and a Celebrations menu for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • You may also wish to download the directory app from your app store for your mobile phones and/or tablet (the name of the app is Adjace).

How to choose profile picture :)

Problems? Questions?

Contact Jeff Rakes, Database Implementation Coordinator