Marriage Mentoring

While God gives people the desire to marry, He inclines others to serve Him as a single person without the pressures and hindrances typical of married life. It is a great honor to serve God happily in either position, and NCF honors people for following God’s leading. Singleness and marriage each present their unique problems.  At NCF we want to support anyone experiencing difficulty in marriage and singleness.  Our eldres, deacons, deaconesses, and other church members want to serve you and the Lord as much as we can. Members of NCF are supported by the session and are also accountable to the discipline of the Session. Our desire for married and single persons is that God will give you peace and many years of fruitful service.

The Marriage Mentoring Ministry at New City Fellowship seeks to promote the biblical mandate of marriage (Gen. 1:27-28; 2:18, 21-25 and cited in the NT: Mt 19:5; Mk 10:7; 1 Cor 6:16; Eph 5:31)

Thus, we provide the opportunity for members and attendees (those interested in becoming married, those engaged, and those married) as a couple (or as a single or a couple in the case of being interested in becoming married) to spend significant time with a couple who has been married for about ten or more years and has been trained to be a marriage mentor.

Additional details and contact information to our Marriage Mentoring Facilitators are available by contacting the church office. (423.629.1421)