WRAP Ministry
Foster Care

Make a difference with vulnerable children and families!

New City WRAP team

Providing Support

As Christians, we have a God who cares for the vulnerable and who shows us how to do the same. Children in foster care need caring families to support them through healing as they go on to be reunified with their biological family, a relative, or to be adopted.
Not everyone is called to foster or adopt, but all Christians are called to care for the vulnerable. At New City, we seek to care for foster families, kinship families, and adoptive families by providing support in a variety of ways. Everyone in the church can do something, from writing cards, to house work, there are lots of tangible ways to lift up foster parents to help them better care for children in their care.
This is where New City and other churches in the Chattanooga area come in. We want to provide WRAP around care for families! Agencies continually have a need for stable foster parents, and so many foster homes choose to close due to feeling overwhelmed, and not having enough support. WRAP teams provide that support! Through the WRAP model, foster families can receive a meal during a busy week of appointments and social worker visits, or be blessed by others who take the time to volunteer to babysit. We have structured WRAP teams to enable you to minister to foster families with ease throughout your normal routines.
WRAP is an acronym for each area of support we desire to provide to foster families.
As a WRAP team member, you pick one area to serve in and focus on supporting your team’s foster family each month!

Words of encouragement: entails sending uplifting messages, cards and notes and giving thoughtful gifts, such as drawing pictures for the kids or other things free of charge.
Respite Care: Entails babysitting the children so the parents can go on dates, go to the store and or  providing the parents with some personal time.
Acts of service: Entails doing housework and yardwork
Prayer: entails providing prayer for the foster care parents, children, biological parents, caseworker, and everyone invloved in each families situations

Ways to help!

There are many ways that you can help provided support for our local foster care families. You can lead a team in coming besides a family and help organizing and coordinate with other members of the team to provide the best support for them. You can also fill in one the the roles of WRAP,  which can very in the amount of commitment/ time needed.  Or you can even just spend time praying about our foster care families and volunteers. If you would like to learn about more ways to support the WRAP program you can contact Sherry McKillop