Lenten Season is Here

Dear NCF Family, 

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of the Lenten Season. Last year we celebrated this season together as a church with fasting, prayer and readings designed to point us to Christ and prepare our hearts for Holy Week, to give special focus to the Gospel events which have procured our salvation. Many among us were blessed by this season and we would like to encourage each member and attender to consider how the Lord might be calling you to Himself through personal prayer, fasting, and reflection during this season.
Suggestions for daily reading and reflection 

For those led to fast
Remember that fasting is not a work for earning God’s favor but rather a channel for dependence upon the work of Christ.

If you choose to fast, remember food is not the only option. You might consider entertainment, habits, and social media, etc. Do use medical wisdom when fasting from food. 

The road to the Cross

May the Lord richly bless each of you, and deepen your faith as we embark on this journey of consecration, prayer, and reflection together. Stay tuned for the details of services during Holy Week.

Yours in the Journey to the Cross!

Pastors Kevin Smith and Billy McKillop





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